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    Sponsor A Child's Dream

    “Sponsor A Child’s Dream” is when a customer (YOU) sponsors the costs of a Wealthy Minds Clothing product to one or more children/youth who do not have the means to do so for themselves.

    Following your sponsorship, Wealthy Minds C/O Billionaire P.A. will prompt youth at his next speaking engagement to stand and publicly, “SPEAK THEIR DREAMS INTO EXISTENCE” and to those who boldly stand for themselves and their dream will receive the product(s) that have been sponsored on their behalf by you.

    Wealthy Minds stands firmly on the idea that you never know who may be supporting your dream when you take the first step.

     “Sponsor A Child’s Dream” was created to merge sponsors who have the means to purchase products from Wealthy Minds with children/youth who desire inspirational products that would inspire and remind them daily to speak their dreams into existence.

    Full Sponsorship Details Below:

    - You Sponsor $9.63/Month – (1) Child will receive 1 FREE Wealthy Minds Gift/Product per month that you pay your sponsorship.

    - Your sponsorship payment will process on the 19th of each month.

    We appreciate your existence.  Have a WEalthy day!