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    About Wealthy Minds

    We Appreciate Your Existence At Wealthy Minds

    Wealthy Minds, Inc., was founded by Billionaire P.A. and is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.  Since incorporated in 2008, Wealthy Minds mission has been to infect over one billion people with success, motivation, and wealth; encouraging you to speak your dreams into existence and teach you how to develop a wealthy mind.  In a brief period of time, Wealthy Minds, Inc., has managed to evolve into a multifaceted corporation, with the intent of delivering an uplifting experience to the world, in more ways than one.

    So whether your daily dose of inspiration be received through our Dream Wall, themed clothing apparel, documentaries, films & TV shows, inspirational videos, music, books, sponsor a kid’s dream, sponsor a homeless dream,  mentor programs or the motivational speeches by Billionaire P.A.; Wealthy Minds, Inc., will undoubtedly encourage you to “Speak Your Dreams into Existence” and teach you how to develop a wealthy mind.

    Wealthy Minds, Inc., is a multi-faceted corporation and is continuing to evolve inspiring the world to speak their dreams into existence.  Subsidiary companies of Wealthy Minds, Inc., consist of Wealthy Minds Entertainment, Wealthy Minds Clothing, Wealthy Minds Speak Dreams, Sponsor A Kid’s Dream, Sponsor A Homeless Dream, Speak Dreams Publishing, & Billionaire P.A.

    We appreciate your existence.  SPEAK YOUR DREAMS INTO EXISTENCE!

    Have a WEALTHY day!

    - Speak Dreams Team